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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Deconstructing the Landscape Workshop

I know, someone has to do it. There I was in Pontotoc, surrounded by a room full of lovely ladies eager to hear what I had to say. Undaunted, I pressed on. 

Standing, Left>Right: John Pototschnik, Kay Heller, Sue Miller, Nancy Crossett, Betty Jo Johnson, Shirley Griffin, Danette Middleton, Reba Depoyster, Joe Umphress, Dot Courson, Rebecca Carter, Cathleen Windham
Seated, Left>Right: Ruth Davidson, Susan Patton, Dianne Agnew, Holly Chapman, Karen Bennett

It was my last scheduled workshop of the year and the theme was, "Deconstructing the Landscape". Each participant was asked to bring a painting that they knew had problems. With the paintings displayed, I defined and explained what many of us professional artists consider necessary building blocks for the creation of masterworks: concept, composition, drawing, values, and color. Additionally, we discussed technique and presentation.

These principles were applied to each of the student's works. They were asked to reevaluate their paintings based on the teaching and reconstruct a new, improved version with my guidance. The lessons were backed up with demonstrations. First, a monochromatic block-in technique, and later, the full-color version.
Beginning the monochromatic block-in.

Monochromatic block-in complete. Below is plein air study used as reference for larger work.

Initial application of color to monochromatic. The first layer.

The ladies were enthusiastic and eager to apply the principles taught. They were all at their easels, hard at work, even before class officially began.

Susan Patton's monochromatic block-in with first applications of color.

Now there was one guy in the class, Joe Umphress, but he, like me, wasn't complaining about the surroundings.

Participants later defined what they liked best about the workshop...

"Group lectures, demonstrations, and individual instruction. Every aspect, very helpful"

"The friendliness of the group was wonderful. Having an artist like John to learn from is amazing. I liked the mixture of lecture and demo. The individual help was most helpful"

"Very hands on, one-on-one, often, not just once"

"Lecture on the color wheel/color mixing and achieving mood in a painting. Placement of focal point on canvas. How to 'plan' a piece of work better"

"Personal interaction with each of the students"

"The inspiration and confidence you blessed me with by believing in me and encouraging me to 'do this'"

Dot and Jackie Courson
Dot Courson Workshops

Special thanks to Dot and Jackie Courson for hosting a third "sold out" workshop for me in Mississippi...and to a great group of participants. You all made it enjoyable.

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Blogger Dot Courson said...

Thank you John for another wonderful workshop here with us!
We always love having you teach here and it is great seeing students experience a John Pototschnik workshop for the first time. They loved it! Thanks for always doing such a good job!- Dot and Jackie Courson

May 20, 2013 at 8:19 PM  
Blogger john pototschnik said...

Thanks, Dot and Jackie. My pleasure. Enjoyed the students.

May 20, 2013 at 9:33 PM  

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