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Monday, February 14, 2011

29th Anniversary Celebration

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
San Antonio, TX
L>R: Jim Janes, Ron Rencher, Kathryn Stats, Mark Smith, John Pototschnik, Rod Chase

My wife and I arrived home Sunday afternoon to a house where only a few of the electrical circuits were actually working. No heat, no hot water, no computer, no stove, no TV and just a handful of lights would come on. So, there you go, no Blog for you Sunday night.

We had attended the 29th Anniversary Show at the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio. There were a nice amount of people in attendance for the Friday night opening reception. Jim Janes and Mark Smith, gallery owners, felt the show was the best yet, "Spectacular", they said.
I was one of four artists in attendance. The others were Rod Chase, Ron Rencher, and Kathryn Stats. Kathryn was not only in town for the show but is also teaching a workshop in San Antonio all this week.
Each of these artists are extremely popular and yet could not be more diverse. Rod is an incredible photo realist, I mean incredible. Every inch of his canvas is highly refined. Examining his paintings up close...well, I just don't know how he does it. His painting of the Alamo sold for $45000 and is an excellent example of what I'm talking about.
Ron's work is very refined and well designed. Like the others, his work is easily recognized from across the room. His paintings are high-keyed, his palette is subdued and he is a master of atmospheric perspective. His painting, Spring in the High Desert is an excellent example of his quality work.
Kathryn is undoubtedly the gallery's most popular artist. Her work is brilliant. Her color and confident execution are the envy of many artists, including me. Pastoral is one of her beautiful paintings on display at the gallery.

This is one of my paintings in the show, Twin Owl Guardians. I sold one painting opening night and there is interest in a few others. I hope those sales come to pass. You can view the entire show right here. Jim Janes, Mark Smith and their incredible staff have once again hosted a show that confirms them as one of the best galleries in the country. The show will hang through the end of February.

Click on the names of the artists to view more of their work. To see the highlighted paintings, click on the title.

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