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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Festival 2011

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
San Antonio, TX
13 May - 3 June

The Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, TX is hosting their first Spring Festival of fine art. The show features almost 100 new paintings created by many of their gallery artists.
I have created four special works just for this show.

Brisk Evening - 14"x 14" - Oil

It's been a bitterly cold day but now as evening comes the sun pops through...turning all those snowflakes into dancing, sparkling crystals. It causes my heart to sing.

Evening Stroll - 14"x 18" - Oil

The sun is rapidly descending. The last of its glow kisses the stately tree in the front yard. There is a feeling of coolness replacing the warmer air of the afternoon. The dinner plates have been washed and returned to the cupboards...and now...what a nice time for a stroll with my beloved.

Off the Beaten Path - 14"x 18" - Oil

There is nothing that quite grabs me emotionally as being in the country alone...alone with God, with nature and with all the special sounds that one hears when away from human activity. My goal for this painting was to capture that quiet, contemplative serenity.

Cherished Memories - 12"x 24" - Oil

It has been a beautiful day. The temperature is in the low 60's, and the colors of autumn all about are enhanced by the orange glow of a descending sun. What a great day it has been playing with friends...and they get to spend the night. It's a cherished memory for sure.

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