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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Greenhouse Gallery Anniversary Show

8 February - 1 March 2013

"31st Anniversary Celebration"
Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
6496 N. New Braunfels Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78209
Mark Smith:

I'm pleased to announce my participation in the 31st Anniversary Celebration of the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art. I've submitted four paintings for this year's show.
When it comes to listing favorite places to paint, two that would be right up there near the top are the country of Italy and the state of Vermont. Both locations are featured in my display. I invite you take a serious look at these and consider how beautiful they'd look if purchased for that special spot in your home.

Italian Coast - 24"x 48" - Oil

Cruising Lake Como aboard a ferry, the sun shining, the temperature perfect...well, it was pretty difficult to stop taking pictures long enough in order to eat lunch. So, after gobbling down some trout, potatoes, pasta, carrots, bread and water, I was back on deck capturing as much of this incredible coastline as possible. Of all the European countries I've visited, Italy is my favorite (haven't been to France). What an amazingly beautiful place. The architecture, stonework and sculpture...well, it's just perfect. They are designers and craftsmen extraordinaire. Cruising along the coast of Lake Como, with its spectacular backdrop, has presented me with subject matter for many years to come. Italian Coast is just the beginning.. 

House in the Woods - 18"x 18" - Oil

If you want a great place to stay, I strongly recommend "Inn Victoria" in Chester, VT. Located right on Main Street, this little Inn is surrounded by magnificent old churches and houses. After a hearty breakfast of raspberries with whipped cream, waffles, bacon, apples with Vermont Maple Syrup, orange juice and Yorkshire Black Tea, I was wired for a day of painting. Traveling the back roads, I found this very interesting House in the Woods, a structure nestled deep among trees. In need of significant repairs, I took the liberty to spruce it up a bit while still retaining its unique character.

On the Way to Rome - 12"x 20" - Oil

My wife and I have visited Italy twice. On our first trip to Southern Italy, and after two weeks of intense sightseeing...many hours on a tour bus... we were ready to get home. The day before leaving was spent in Montecatini. I walked at least seven miles, up and down Montecatini Alto and a good bit in Montecatini Terma. I thought the five hour bus trip to Rome to catch our flight would probably be a great time to just sleep...not so. The inspiration for On the Way to Rome was found on that drive. Cloud formations that day were spectacular and in constant flux over the mountains. The picture of them remains with me to this day.

New England Morning - 16"x 24" - Oil

Fog and light rain were the order of the day for West Dover, VT. Located just north of Wilmington, West Dover is a beautiful little spot nestled at the base of the Green Mountain National Forest. You wouldn't know it on this particular day, but the beautiful Green Mountains are right there. Do you see them? They're right there, just through the fog. It did not make much sense to do a lot of sightseeing in this kind of weather, but it was a perfect day to paint as the light remained pretty constant. While standing in front of the Deerhill Inn, a light drizzle complicating things, I completed two small color studies. These were the impetus for New England Morning.

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